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This portal has been developed for the TECHNOLIFE consortium by Juan Baztan, research scientist, an Jean-Paul Vanderlinden, professor, International Center for Research in Ecological Economics, eco-innovation and tool Development for Sustainability.
Most of the contents have been produced by members of the TECHNOLIFE consortium.

Ker TECHNO Portal

This portal is designed for those wishing to implement either an TECHNOLIFE method online deliberation or even set up a specifically designed portal for wider use.  It consists of 12 areas dealing with the various dimensions of a web based deliberations within the context of innovation.


The deliberations

This leads you to a page from which you can access the various instances where the TECHNOLIFE approach has been used in various forms.  These web based thematic deliberation spaces are living proof of the applicability of the TECHNOLIFE approach.

They should serve as source of inspiration for potential users.


Project’s web page

The web page that is dedicated to the TECHNOLIFE project


All contents have been developed and are hosted by the International Center for Research in Ecological Economics, eco-innovation  and tool Development for Sustainability of Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.